Utilizing Link Building as an SEO Strategy

Supervising your businesses’ web site, blog or editorial campaigns can seem like a daunting chore. Maybe you have not been a full-time search engine optimization consultant, SEO writer or don’t have a marketing unit to utilize – whatever the situation may be, it’s quite possible to utilize advice to increase your website visitors and grow your outreach with a clean link building strategy. Let’s review a few concepts to boost your online authority with some creative link building strategies.

Link building is one of many clever SEO strategies used in search engine optimization campaigns. Link building is NOT easy. It’s VERY time consuming and results normally take a lot of time.  Additionally, backlinks need to originate from a high authority website to make a real difference. What constitutes a high authority website you may ask? For starters, a sites that rank better than you. It may sounds easy but how can you acquire backlinks from high authority sites if you’re in the same niche industry?

What is Organic Link Building relation to SEO?

We can start with the simplest understanding of what a link building campaign is. Think of it as a technique of earning links from external web pages to link to a page somewhere on your website. These days, with Google’s Penguin algorithm updates and the disavow tools needed to remove bad links, the formula is not as easy as once was nor is building up quality links. Content marketing and link building campaigns very different than what it was just a few years ago. You can’t go out and buy keyword rich backlinks from every directory out there. Most are spammy and only a few highly trustworthy and good link influence directories exist today. Therefore, without buying links, it comes down to creating great content that people want to link to…which IS NOT easy.

So, in looking for an SEO company to build your link building campaign or implement your strategy, one has to realize and understand the characteristics of a backlink. Many SEO companies don’t add link building as part of their SEO services because great content is not easy to master and some can rank you just with onsite SEO if your niche market is not too competitive. This is not saying only content of high quality will get you backlinks, but that there are still ways to get links by other.

How Important is Link Building for Search Engine Optimization?

Link building takes effort and time to build link profile.

Link building takes effort and time to build a link profile. Give 100% when link building for SEO, brand awareness and traffic to your website.

You may ask why is link building so important for optimizing my website in search engine results pages?  Number one and most important is the association you make with outside websites that can reinforce and add value to your readership. The second big reason is that search engines like Google or Bing will continue to look at your backlink profile and update their algorithms to fight the garbage / spammy links that are out there. So you may not see immediate results for your linking efforts, but do not stop.

Gaining High Quality Links

Mentions and Citations – Monitor what influential bloggers are doing on social media and around the web. Find a blogger that writes about your industry. Possibly approach them to see of they could possibly write about you or your business. Give them a reason to but don’t expect it even if you asked. Even if they don’t write about you it still could lead to a good relationship.

Directories and Press Releases – Directory submissions in your niche market can still be one of the best signals you can send to the search engines. Local directories like Manta, City Search, Yellow Book, Yelp! etc can boost your rankings pretty quickly. Press releases are just as helpful as a directory submission. Just remember not to over optimize your press release with keyword rich anchors pointing back to your site. Google is cracking down on once was a spammy technique of gaining keyword rich backlinks.

Promoting Great Content – Start by creating a roadmap of articles you are going to produce. Depending on where and how you are doing this, keep this promotion campaign going for a solid 3 months. Create shareable, compelling content that your readers will want to share. Note, compelling is really key here. For example articles, white papers, etc. that you generate will be used as a reference or to enhance an argument that they want to share with their clients/users. Content that will be bookmarked due to a list of cool widgets you shared. Personally, all I ever recommend is gaining natural and organic links.

SEO Infographic

SEO Infographics can be a great way to build traffic to your website and spread on social media. Many infographics can go viral if designed and promoted correctly.

 Informative infographics – A favorite way of ours to get backlink is via informational infographics. Not easy nor cheap by any means, but can help you gain huge amount of backlinks referencing the infographic by going viral.

How to Build Great Inbound Links

How do you get great inbound links? Think about the types of blogs your visitors want to read in their downtime. The following are a few things that anyone with a bit of know-how can take in order to set up an organic link building strategy.

  • Utilize your blog and post often
  • Be consistent with your article marketing strategy as it takes time and patience. Don’t go wild. Start out small and build up your blog from there over time. Two to four blog posts per month is a good pace for your readers.

Utilize SEO Tools for Link Building and Monitoring

Of importance in any SEO link building campaign is keeping the following in your tool box.

RSS Feed

It’s easy to add to your website especially if built on WordPress and will help your blog grow if your RSS feed is used correctly. Promote your RSS feed to social media. Add it to your monthly email newsletter. Place the small rss icon in places where people can see it and subscribe to your feed.

Utilize Your Blog as a Social Tool

Share links to other sites which are relevant to your readership. You may want to link out to an interesting case study on the SEO benefits for local businesses. You can include a “Resources” section on your website and include “How To” video, links to popular internet marketing websites, SEO blogs and web design websites.


Link building is a great way to create a steady stream of visitors to your website or blog. Search engines love good content and will reward your efforts over the long haul. Even thought it’s not easy, with a long term strategy of what you’re trying to achieve, you can create a healthy link building profile like an SEO expert.’



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