Optimize Your WordPress Site With These 5 SEO Tricks

SEO tricks

These days there are so many different SEO strategies that you can quickly get lost trying to figure out which to use. Thankfully WordPress makes it very easy to optimize your site for SEO. As more WordPress pages are being added to the Internet constantly it is essential to have a few tricks in your pocket when it comes to making your site rise to the top. Even if you only implement a few of these it will still increase the presence of your site to Google’s searches. Here are our 5 SEO tricks to optimizing your WordPress website.

Add An XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is a simple way to help Googles crawlers find all the pages on your website. The faster Google is able to index your site, the higher it will rank your website and its relevant searches. Since the site map helps Google find everything at lightning speeds it can make a huge impact on your ranking. This is especially true if you are already trying to rank for a niche topic to begin with. There are many great plug-ins to help with building an XML site map for your WordPress site. One of our personal favorites is the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Change Your Permalink Structure

Your permalinks are the web URL that will be provided for every post or page that you make. As you grow your site it is important to change the permalink structure to something that is more visible to your users. It’s easy to modify your permalink settings within WordPress, simply navigate to permalinks in your WordPress settings panel to make changes. The WordPress default assigns a number to each page, but the trick is that you’ll want something more visible in the link such as a keyword, tag, or title.

What looks better:




Share Backlinks

Sharing links with other websites in your niches is actually one of the best ways to increase the appeal of your site to Google. If you are constantly getting mentioned on multiple high-traffic websites this is a clear indication that something is going on that people should see. However remember to do this legitimately. Take the time to build a reputation and even mention other people and link to their site during your blog posts as well. This will naturally make them want to mention you in return more often. Forming friendships with other site owners that are similar to yours will really go a long way.

Use Common Keywords Throughout Your Site

Though keywords have been overused and abused in the past they are still essential part of your SEO optimization plan. Keywords help a search engine to quickly compare words on your website and learn what your site is about. This is what determines which searches you will show up. When using keywords be careful not to overuse them. The google search engine does not add credit or ranking to the amount of times that you use any particular word now. Keywords are mainly used to identify a site’s topic; beyond that it is all about how often people are talking about your site. This leads nicely into our last category, which is…

Quality Content

Simply put, the better your content, the better you are going to rank. Content does a lot of things for you. First off, regularly posted content shows google that your site is active and things are happening there. This makes it rank higher than dead sites where clearly nothing seems to be going on. Good content also draws more views and shares. If people begin to share your content, the Google engine will pick up on that and notice that your site is being talked about on social media. Once Google sees this they will soon boost your search engine ranking. The last thing that good content does for you is to generate authority in a field which leads to backlinks. Since we already went over backlinks we won’t discuss it further, just remember that quality content is the first step for just about every other aspect of good SEO practices.

If you take your time and build your website correctly in conjunction with our SEO tricks, you will begin to see results gradually. SEO today is something that should be more of a long-term plan rather than an overnight scheme. Black hat SEO practices which have been used to boost rankings in the past never pay off and Google penalizes any sites that try to get ahead fast. If you want your WordPress site to succeed, take your time and build your SEO gradually, then eventually you will see your effort paid off.



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