03Jun 2017
SEO strategy

There are some people that believe that SEO is starting to become a thing of the past. We’re here to tell you that those people are wrong. SEO is still extremely viable and is considered one of the top marketing strategies for local business. It is a straightforward tactic that has the ability to help […]

20Jan 2017
seo tips for newbies

When searching for anything on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. the chance of someone clicking “next page” for more results is slim to none. Every avid Internet user knows that the links closer to the top of the first page are the ones people consistently open. Usually they’ll go down the list on the first page […]

29Oct 2016
SEO for newbies

SEO or search engine optimization knowledge is critical for the person starting out in e-commerce. Whether you intend to blog, run an online store or do anything else successfully online, you need to find out how to get noticed by search engines to ensure that people can find you. Understanding search engine optimization is critical […]

29Oct 2016
mistakes with search engine optimization

Here’s something most website owners eventually come to realize at some point in time. Using the right or wrong SEO tactics can either make or break your site. It’s widely known that if you do SEO right, you can propel your site up the ranks, maybe even to that coveted first spot on the search […]

25Jan 2016
best SEO tips for websites

Here is a list of 35 SEO tips to rank your website on top of Google 1. Choose your domain name carefully. Make it memorable. It is very important that the domain name of your site is related to the websites topic. In fact, it is best if the title of the site is the same or […]

23Jan 2016
mobile SEO strategy

Not long ago, search engine optimization was something that nobody even considered to be valuable. Today it is considered by nearly every company on a daily basis. This is because a single technological advancement, in this case, the World Wide Web, changed everything. It changed the way people view advertisements, and it opened up an […]

23Jan 2016
importance of website SEO

Are you considering a site redesign but are afraid of the negative impact that it could have on your SEO efforts? Each year that you let your website sit without updating it could be another year you are losing customers due to website neglect. Many companies shy away from updating their site because they do […]

30Sep 2015
SEO rabbit hat trick

These days there are so many different SEO strategies that you can quickly get lost trying to figure out which to use. Thankfully WordPress makes it very easy to optimize your site for SEO. As more WordPress pages are being added to the Internet constantly it is essential to have a few tricks in your […]

01Jul 2015
SEO Terms Everyone Should Know

Search engines like Google act to create virtual “yellow pages” where users can locate websites just by typing a few words within the Search Box. The order by which websites are listed matters a lot, as studies have shown that 92-95% of users don’t usually go beyond the first page of search results. Of the […]

03Apr 2015
websites for millennials

The term “Millennials” refers to the 76.6 million people born between 1980 and the mid-2000s, one of the largest generations in history. And this massive generation is about to enter its prime spending years. Born in a time when technology was exploding and new discoveries and innovations were making it easy for their generation to […]

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